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Beginner’s guide – How to start a farm

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in Start Up Tips | 0 comments

A family farm is a good environment to live and raise your children, and teach them the value of food and work. You can produce your own source of vegetables and livestock, provide for you and your family, and sell the produce at your local market. However, starting a farm can be daunting at first, and more so finding a trustworthy supplier that has bio seeds and other sources of farm products. Nowadays, with online stores offering farm supplies,  and with automated delivery, you can spend more time tending to your farm.  Below is a beginner’s guide on how to start a successful farm:


1. Find a good location

If you live in a big city, you might not be aware of the importance of the soil when choosing the farm location. However, the quality of the soil will determine how productive your farm will be, what plants you can grow and how many crops of the same kind you will be able to produce per year. You want to find a location with  rich soil, in order to be able to provide from late winter – early spring, to late autumn. When visiting possible locations, pay attention to the current owner’s crops as well as the neighbor’s. If something seems wrong with their crops, skip the location. The soil also determines the crop’s diseases.

2. Invest in good fertilizers and pesticides

Fertilizer will determine the success or the failure of your new little project. Properly feeding your crops with essential elements like potassium and phosphorus, calcium and magnesium will determine if your crops are going to develop any diseases and how they are going to absorb the nutrients. Pesticides, on the other hand, will help you get rid of wild plants that will consume your crops nutrients and are going to steal their natural light as well. Moreover, they efficiently combat fungi your plants are likely to develop as well as all the other pests that might occur.

3. Invest in good animal food

In order to provide your animals all the nutrients they need, you have to buy high-quality animal food. The grass and other wild plants you might consider feeding them with might not be sufficient to cover all the nutrients your pigs, horses or rabbits need. Therefore, find a good farm supplier, have a small talk with them and try to find out what you are going to need for your animal’s daily food intake.

Living a self-sustainable life is going to become your new religion and you will love all the benefits having a farm is providing. Food grown by yourself, bio fruits and vegetables, healthy meat from healthy and happy animals is everything any human needs for a happy and healthy life.

Three tips in deciding for the right shelving units

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Marketing | 0 comments

All businesses need to stay as organised as they possibly can. It is important to invest in the right pieces of equipment, which also include shelving units. Of course that the simplest of choices is to visit one or two dedicated stores and select several long span shelving systems that you think are appropriate for your needs, preferably coming at low prices and be done with the entire affair. This is the simple way out, but it is not necessarily the correct one, as it might not bring the much desired advantages. There are several aspects that ought to be carefully studied, aspects that might provide you with the solution to your problem. So, long story short, here is three step guide to help you select the right shelving unit for your needs.


Consider your needs

It is absolutely crucial to understand your needs exactly. Figuratively speaking, you could take a pen and paper and start writing down facts about your company. Consider the industry, the specific of the company, the type of products you are manufacturing or selling, the maximum volume and so on. All these facts will have a serious contribution as to the type of shelving unit you are bound to purchase. Such investments are not cheap and you won’t be making them every day. Therefore, if you have decided that it is high time to make such an investment and structure your office, then do so correctly. Purchase that product that will fit your exact needs, but first identify them.

Choosing the material and design

Now that you have identified a few facts regarding your business, it won’t be that difficult to make the right decision as to what type of material you might be needing. If heavy loading is one of the problems, metal is the right option. This will provide you with strong shelving units capable of resisting when faced with a heavy load. If not, you can go for wood as well. As for the design, this too ought to be chosen attentively. You goal is and always will be to structure and maximize the space as much as possible. So, if the warehouse permits, invest in long span shelving units or even better, in mezzanine floors. These are two highly beneficial options, definitely worth considering.

Work with professionals

It is true that all entrepreneurs focus on locating affordable shelving systems. So, most of them either choose to collaborate with less trustworthy providers in the hope of a better quote or ask their own staff to install the systems. In both cases, things might not turn out as planned and not in a good way. When saying yes to less professional providers you may be accepting low quality products that will need future replacement. This is not exactly financially efficient. As for the installers, refusing professional help could have disastrous consequences. Your entire system could collapse. Therefore, accept the help of the provider’s team of installers and why not designers and you will have a lot to gain in terms of resistance.

What it takes to become a successful hypnotist?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Start Up Tips | 0 comments

It is for sure that everyone has seen at least one hypnosis performance either on a TV show or on the street and has been amazed by the way in which the hypnotist managed to say all those “magic” words and make participants act in a specific manner. However, in order to become a successful and worldly renowned hypnotist, as it is the case of Marshal Sylver, you need to go through a series of important stages. Here are some simple rules that great hypnotists advise you to follow.

Read a lot of books

The first step people who want to become hypnotists have to make is to read a lot of specialized books about hypnosis. It is highly important to understand exactly what this term actually means, why hypnosis is so good and how it can help people. There are numerous hypnotists in the world, who have managed to become successful and who decided to share their ideas and thoughts to other people who are in the beginning of their journey, so make sure you look for those books in libraries and book stores, since they are going to help you make the first steps into this world.

Practice, practice and more practice

After you have mastered the basics of hypnosis, it is time to put it in practice as well. Try everything you have learned on people within your family at first, since they are the most probable ones willing to undergo a hypnosis session conducted by you. Even though things are not going to work from the very beginning, this should not discourage you, but on the contrary, it should make you practice even more in order to exceed your limits and become that successful hypnotist you have always been dreaming about.

Do not forget to promote yourself

In order to reach success in this domain, it is highly important to know how to promote your business, so start with small steps. Your first performance would probably be in front of your family, so make sure you impress everyone from the very beginning. After you have trained more, you can move your performance acts into the street to make them known to larger public, and after your good reputation has increased even more, you can appear in popular TV shows and impress an entire country with your amazing skills. Do not forget to create a website that you can use to share some useful and accurate information about yourself so that everyone who wants to learn more about you or even come in contact with you can access the website. Keep in mind that not even after you have gained years of experience, you should still look for various methods to promote yourself and one good example is to start writing books about hypnosis yourself.

As you can see, these are some of the golden rules you need to follow the moment you decide to become a hypnotist. Choose a role model who have made history in this domain and make sure you follow that person’s steps.

Thinking about moving to Europe?

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016 in Business | 0 comments

There are so many different reasons for which moving to Europe makes all the sense in the world. England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France all these European countries could not be more delighted to welcome foreigners to their land, being prepared to offer them a tour of their jewels. Moving around through Europe is not all that difficult, not if you decide to contact a dedicated company, with a vast experience within this industry. Options come in a large number, as you have certainly noticed. Still, if you have not yet decided on a company offering removals to Europe, here are three aspects you might want to consider. It won’t be very difficult to make up your mind as to what partner to choose, if you consider these points.

Reputation: an aspect worthy of your attention

An aspect that seems to be a bit too general, yet highly effective is the overall reputation of a company and it deserves your full attention. This is the detail that could make the difference. This is the aspect that could easily set aside options that are not particularly trustworthy from those companies capable of offering clients a stress free move. Reputation embodies aspects such as professionalism, hard work, dedication and client feedback. As long as these are included and clients are satisfied with the services provided you may rest assured that everything will develop according to plan. With a reputable company by your side, you may rest assured that services will develop peacefully, without any issues.

Experience in the removal sector

Moving from one address to another is so much more than putting your belongings in a box and then sending them to the new address, especially if you are thinking about foreign countries. The entire experience is highly emotional for the client, which is why it should be treated with the utmost respect and care. It is absolutely essential to collaborate with experienced movers that have tackled with everything that the process involves. Having experience means that the company in question knows exactly how to deal with problems. So, in case these should appear, the staff will know just what to do to solve them, quickly and effectively.

Being financially comfortable

As you can imagine international removal services are not exactly cheap. You will need to think of a budget you are comfortable with. Choosing a company is, of course, influenced by your financial possibilities. However, this doesn’t mean that you should lower the level of quality simply because you have a fixed budget. A professional company, eager to help its clients, will be on their side and try as much as possible to stay within that budget, while offering professional services.

Consulting is more than simply giving advice – what do consultants do?

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in Business | 0 comments

Many companies nowadays find the services of a consultant mandatory whether they are at the beginning of the road or they have several years in the industry and need some changes that would help them grow even more. It is highly important to select a professional and experienced consultant in order to benefit from the best results and looking for one on the internet is the best choice since you can start with websites such as Keep in mind that consultancy is more than just a piece of advice, so here are more details about what a consultant actually does within your company.

They provide you useful information

One of the most common reasons why companies hire consultants is to obtain necessary information, which can include cost studies, attitude surveys, market surveys, feasibility studies or competition analyses. A consultant has deeper knowledge in this area, which means that he or she will know exactly on what aspects to focus more when seeking for the requested information.

They can solve problems within the company

Another reason why companies are so interested in hiring consultants is that they want them to solve important and difficult problems within the company. For instance, the manager of a company may want to know how to restructure the organization in order to be able to adapt to changes or what financial policy is the best one to adopt. These are important decisions to make within the firm and a consultant can provide the right solution in each situation.

They can spot problems

It is worth mentioning that a great deal of the value of a management consultant lies in their fine sense and expertise as diagnostician. This is also known as the major factor that strains the consultant-client relationship. Hiring an experienced consultant that has vast knowledge in the domain increases the chances of finding the problems that might hold back the company’s productivity and eventually coming up with the right solution for them. Consultants’ keen eyes will immediately find the mistakes you and your employees make and will try to correct them as soon as possible.

They implement changes

After coming up with the right solution, consultants also provide help to managers in order to actually implement changes within the company. This is when the job of a consultant actually ends. If you need the services of a consultant within your company, it is recommended to do some detailed research and select the best one in the region.


Upgrading your beauty salon with online booking software – what to consider

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Marketing | 0 comments

Everywhere you look, there are people using all sorts of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets or smart watches that have internet connection. They use the internet to find every type of information they are interested in, but some businesspersons saw an opportunity in using the internet as a marketing tool, so why not consider taking advantage of it yourself. If you are the owner of a beauty salon, you can upgrade it with an online booking app, so look for a professional developer on the internet. You should know that websites such as might be a good starting point.


Look for a professional developer

If you have already decided that investing money in an online scheduling app for your beauty salon is the best idea, the next step is to look for a developer to create the app for you. Do some detailed research online and make a list of the developers you find in order to make it easier for you to keep track of the services they provide and the prices they ask for. It is recommended to select someone who is professional and trust-worthy and who has several years of experience in the domain in order to make sure you benefit from the best results. For this reason, you can ask them to show you their portfolio to take a look at their previous projects for instance.

Make sure the app is easy to use

Once you have selected the right developer to match your needs and budget, it is mandatory to talk to him or her about the app, about what you would want it to contain or how to look like. The developer should take into account all your recommendations and ideas in order to provide you an app that matches your desires. What is more, besides having an attractive interface, the app should be easy to use and compatible with different types of devices, not to mention that it should be checked thoroughly before being released.

Other benefits of investing in online scheduling software

Believe it or not, online scheduling software can double as a great marketing strategy for your beauty salon that your customers will definitely appreciate it. Knowing that they do not have to spend time on the road to come to the salon and make an appointment for a specific date, since they can do this while sitting in bed or at work is definitely something that would make your customers happy. Moreover, this software will ease the work of your employees a lot too, since they can keep track on the appointments a lot easier.

Food photography – why is it necessary?

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Marketing | 0 comments

Photography has definitely gone past the stage of a mere hobby and is not an actual profession for a lot of people. The industry has developed a lot lately, and while hiring an experienced photographer for your wedding has become something normal, have you ever thought about hiring someone to take pictures of the foods you prepare? Of course, this is not something ordinary people do on a daily basis, but if you own a business where you serve food, this may no longer seem that odd. You may think that you can take pictures or have a friend of yours do this for you, but rest assured a professional person will do a better job, for sure. So, if you are still evaluating the possibility of looking for a London food photography studio, here are some reasons why you have to start the process right away.


Showcasing your talent

Some cooks hire experienced photographers to help them show people what they can do. So, in case you are looking for a new job or you want to grow your business by attracting more investors, then you are going to need the services of a professional. They will do the best to highlight your dishes, making them look even better than they taste.

Make foods more appealing

Your plates may be the tastiest in the world, but not anyone can come to visit your establishment and evaluate in person. For this reason, the first impression is always the most important. This means you need to work with images and colours, rather than taste. An experienced photographer can pay with combinations and engineer the pictures, so that your menu looks amazing on the web site and people will want to pay you a visit. There are plenty of methods through which a skilled individual can add particular features to your foods, so allow them to help you.

Visual marketing

Nowadays, a lot of efficient marketing strategies are based on visual effects. This is due to the fact that seeing an actual product or good generates impact over people, thus transforming simple viewers in potential customers. Recent studies have shown that people are way more receptive to images than to written information, so you should take advantage of this, especially since you are “promoting” a product that can be advertised with images – food. Use qualitative materials and you will prove your professionalism, once more.



Questions to ask before applying for HST house rebate

Posted by on Aug 25, 2016 in Start Up Tips | 0 comments

Building a house from scratch and even buying a new one are great step in anyone’s life. This comes with great responsibilities, not only in terms of household maintenance but also in terms of finances. Fortunately, if you live in Canada, you should be happy to find out that authorities have taken all this into consideration and have designed specialised programs, aimed to help those who invest in real estate. The country has a progressive tax system, aimed to provide each and every individual equal chance to pay their debts towards the state, depending on their income. You are probably aware of the HST (harmonised sales tax) rebate, some sort of discount buyers can benefit from, in certain circumstances. The good news is that this rule applies to multiple product, including real estate, as long as the house bought and the owner fulfil certain criteria. The application process is not that complicated, but you still need to collaborate with a company specialised in HST rebate on new homes. Here are the questions you need to ask before staring your application.


Who is eligible for the program?

The HST for new homes program has been designed to support those who are purchasing a new home, or those who are renovating a property almost from scratch (in proportion of 90%). So, to begin with, you must know that your real estate has to fulfil these demands. Besides this, the people eligible for this program are the ones who prove they will be using the house for residential purposes. This includes lending the land from the builder, buying a mobile home (even floating or modular ones), investing in a share of capital stock of a real estate corporation, construct or renovate your personal domicile or your property gets damaged by sire and needs considerable improvements.

How much money will you get?

As mentioned above, authorities are trying to maintain a balance by designing a system based on proportional taxes and payments. However, the amount you are likely to get back varies from 8 to 13 per cent, depending on the county you are based. For this reason, the sum is not an exact one, but is rather related to the overall amount of expenses. For homes that cost$350,000 or less, new owners can even ask a 36% rebate of the federal portion. If the price of a new home is over $350,000 but no more than $450,000, the HST rebate revenue will be reduced considerably, keeping in mind a fair proportion. Buyers of real estate that is more expensive than $450,000 will not get a rebate under any circumstances.


As you can see, you can apply for the program because the eligibility conditions are quite flexible. This means that you can actually recover a great part of the money you spend on your new real estate, or those you pay to repair a very damaged one. Authorities are understanding regarding the matter, so there is nothing to worry about, because your application will most likely be accepted.

Experiential marketing 101 – understanding the basics

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Marketing | 0 comments

Nowadays, it is well known that marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses all around the world. Advertising services and products is something extremely common, as no company can resist without making people aware of their existence. While digital marketing and social media promotion has gained a lot of ground in the past years, people tend to forget about a more concrete advertising method: experiential marketing. This option is very approachable for businesses that can promote a tangible product and a great example would be food, for instance. This is due to the fact that this form of advertising has as a priority presenting the good and enabling customers to experience the brand – hence, the name.


How is experiential marketing different?

Generally, when they think about advertising, most people associate it with a TV commercial, an announcement on a radio station, a post in the newspaper or even an ad on a social media network. There are few those who actually understand that promoting a product means offering clients a glimpse of that. So, while traditional marketing is based on communicating (wither visually or verbally) a piece of information, experiential advertising focuses on engaging as many individuals as possible, by showing them directly the benefits of using (or consuming) a good in particular. It often involves human senses and a multitude of strategies, ranging from individual sampling to guerrilla solutions. All these are aimed to generate an emotional connection, which can convince potential customers to order, buy, consume and generate profit.

Which are the most popular strategies used?

This advertising method can make use of a wide variety of promotional solutions and strategies. Specialised experiential marketing companies are able to design custom made plans, which can address a certain niche of customers. Target audience is established after a thorough segmentation process, so do not neglect this stage of the advertising campaign. Some of the relevant criteria you must know are demographics, product’s particularities and the emotions your brand can be associated with.

What kind of products can benefit from experiential marketing?

As mentioned above, not any type of service or product can be promoted through experiential advertising. However, the method is perfect for a wide array of goods, especially those who can be easily associated with human senses: smell, taste, feeling etc. For example, clothing items and foot wear can be promoted using this solution, as the client can try them on and feel on their own skin comfort. Other products that can be advertised like that are foods: you can have a stand installed in a supermarket, ask people to taste and convince themselves your products are actually worth it. The same goes for drinks: imagine have a stand in a public place, such as a beach for example, and offer passers-by a sample. They will immediately associate your beverage with something completely refreshing. As you can see, these are just some mere examples, but a skilled marketer can come up with a lot more.


Becoming an essential part of the company

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Business | 0 comments

The world of business is in a continuous change, one that can be difficult to fully understand, especially when you are looking at things from the outside. All those involved in business understand the ever changing nature of this field and will be eager to make all efforts to better face up to any modifications that might appear. One of the ways through which you could become an irreplaceable piece in your company or get as close to this status as possible, is through training. You would be surprised how much professional coaching matters on the long run. Whatever the field of operations might be and no matter how much technology you use in providing the public with services or products, your staff remains the core of your company. This is one lesson you must not forget. Offering your employees the option to take part in professional consulting courses will bring forward benefits you too will relish upon. Here are three such examples.

Identifying business goals and solutions

In order for a company to grow, certain goals need to be adequately established. At the same time, alongside these goals, you need to come up with a several, functional solutions that can help you accomplish them. By taking part in professional courses, you will gain the capacity to identify achievable goals. Most entrepreneurs fail in properly identifying these goals and the staff’s efforts are focused on accomplishments that are impossible to come. With a highly trained team, your company will be able to grow and develop according to plan.

Gaining a new perspective

Sometimes, success in business can be so easily obtained simply by looking at things from a new perspective, simply by understanding things from a different point of view. The challenge is observing this new perspective and without proper training, without taking part in professional courses, you might not be able to discover it.

Learning to joggle with resources

Business can be done in plenty of ways. It is the responsibility of the staff, together with the entrepreneur. They need to understand all resources the company has and use them in the appropriate manner. It is essential to use everything you have in order to stay on top and go against your competition. A professional consulting course will help you to properly identify, understand and use the resources a business may be having. Once you gain such knowledge, full company development is only a step away.


ACA Compliance Worrisome to Business Executives

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Business | 0 comments

Now that we are more than half-way through the year, business executives are already worrying about closing out their 2016 accounting and looking forward to 2017. There is a lot to worry about. For example, recent research from Littler suggests that compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is among the most worrisome things on the minds of top business executives.

ACA compliance is an issue for nearly every company now. Except for the smallest companies and sole proprietors, employers must now offer their workers a qualifying health insurance plan or pay significant fines. But it goes further than that. Complying with the law involves a tremendous amount of reporting that has the potential to be even more complicated than standard tax reporting. No wonder executives are as worried about ACA compliance as they are the new overtime rules, workplace violence, and allegations of sexual orientation discrimination.

Never as Easy as It Seems

Whenever a topic like affordable health insurance for Americans is discussed in the public arena, there is always the temptation to only think about the positive aspects. After all, who would not want to provide every worker with health insurance at a cost no greater than the average monthly cell phone service? The problem is, creating a system that offers this kind of benefit is never as easy as it seems.

The ACA started out with the goal of regulating the health insurance industry to make sure every American has access to affordable insurance – whether employed or not. But as with everything government, regulation requires brand-new levels of bureaucracy along with the paid bureaucrats that will administer regulations. All of this costs money. That money is raised by taxing health plans, which, by the way, only adds to the cost of health insurance.

Furthermore, satisfying all the bureaucratic requirements involves a tremendous amount of paperwork among those forced to comply. In the case of health insurance, ACA compliance falls on both employers and their employees. Both are now subject to certain reporting requirements.

All the Help They Can Get

Despite the unwise design and implementation of the ACA, the law appears to be here to stay. Now companies need all the help they can get to make sure they maintain ACA compliance moving forward. Once again, that’s not as easy as it seems. Already the IRS has had to issue statements saying they will not aggressively enforce compliance in the short term because too many companies don’t yet have a handle on the issue.

It would seem that the best thing companies can do to maintain ACA compliance is to get experts involved. There are two choices for doing so: hiring staff members who will concentrate only on ACA compliance and nothing else, or contracting with a payroll services provider that has the expertise to handle it.

Large multi-billion dollar corporations are likely to exercise the first option inasmuch as they have the financial resources to do so. Why pay a payroll vendor when a corporation can successfully navigate ACA compliance on its own? The same cannot be said for small and medium-sized businesses.

SMBs are turning to payroll service providers in greater numbers if, for no other reason, than to ensure they get the ACA thing right. The last thing business owners and management teams need is the IRS knocking on the door requesting to see employee records and questioning whether the company is ACA compliant or not. Working with a payroll-services company eliminates most of the worry by guaranteeing ACA compliance as much as is humanly possible.


How to start your own home cleaning business

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Starting your own cleaning business will be a real endeavour, all you need in order to get started being cleansing supplies and a few customers. A cleaning business is undoubtedly profitable. As long as something gets dirty, there are high chances someone will pay you to clean it. If you genuine want to earn a living by sprucing up other people’s houses, you should start thinking like an entrepreneur. This means that you have to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Besides purchasing wholesale cleaning supplies, you have to make considerations.

Decide between buying and starting your home cleaning business

Taking into consideration that opening your own business can be an expensive venture, you may want to consider buying an existing one or even a franchise. You can go online and search for wholesale cleaning franchises. You can ask what it takes in order to get started, namely how to evaluate your acquisitions and what price you should be paying. If you are not tempted about the idea of buying a franchise, you should know that they can provide you professional training and that you enjoy brand recognition. The franchise will work closely with you until the business is in advantage, but if you manage to become financially independent, you may find that the franchise is dragging you down.

Consider training and regulations

As opposed to the United States, you do not need to apply for a business license. However, you will have to become aware of the main regulations regarding the cleaning work. You will be responsible for a number of things, including your employees’ liability insurance, not to mention that there are times when you will be forced to work with harsh chemicals. This is why it is of the utmost importance to be aware of health and safety regulations. Equally important is to have proper training. Training is not mandatory, but it will certainly give your business credibility.

Procure supplies

Undoubtedly, you cannot start a cleaning business if you do not have supplies. Ideally, you should procure natural cleansing products, but if this is not possible you will do just fine with commercial products as well. With regards to what cleaning products you should buy, consider the following items: vacuum cleaner, window cleaner, broom, paper towels, bathroom cleansers, garbage bags, latex gloves, and the list can continue. You will figure out in time what you may need.

Get your first clients

Probably one of the hardest parts of starting a business is obtaining your first clients. Generally speaking, clients will not trust you if you have not been in business for a considerable amount of time. You should be thus able to prove that even if you are new to the business, you are capable of doing a good job. Try to show your clients that you are the one that can best serve their needs. If you show confidence, clients will not have reasons not to trust you.

Top wrong ideas about 1031 exchanges

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One of the most powerful planning tools available to taxpayers is the section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, even though there are other tax-deferred trades that those who are planning the sale of an investment property can use. The reason why it is considered such a success strategy is that it allows dealers to immediately reinvest their proceeds. Nonetheless, there are many misconceptions about how the 1031 tax exchange works circulating in the real estate market. The process is not always clear and, consequently, confusions rise up. In what follows, we will enlarge upon the most common wrong ideas about 1031 exchanges. This will help you get a better understanding of how the process works.


Section 1031 only applies to real estate

The common belief is that the section 1031 tax exchange is limited to real estate. The truth is that the 1031 applies to a large range of investment assets held for productive use. This basically means that you can, for instance, exchange the old vehicle used for your business with a new one. Other examples include airplanes, self-propelled railway vehicles, and manufacturing equipment. While there are certain restrictions imposed with regards to business property, meaning they have to be like-kind, the substitute can be realized almost immediately. What you have to keep in mind is that you have the opportunity of purchasing virtually any kind of property as long as it has a beneficial use to your business.

You can use your attorney

When it comes to the 1031 exchange, you cannot count on the legal services of your attorney. Persons who acted as agents of the taxpayer are not allowed to act as qualified intermediaries. What you should be doing is using a Qualified Intermediary in order to make sure that your swap goes according to plan. When looking for a qualified intermediary, take into account his level of experience.

You sell a rental house, so you have to buy a rental house

One of the greatest advantages offered by the 1031 exchange is the fact that you do not necessarily have to buy another real estate property. The fact is that that the IRS has a different understanding of the term “like-kind”. To be more precise, like-kind does not mean similar or the exact same. Items are considered like-kind only if they are part of the General Asset Class. If your personal property qualifies as business or investment use, you have the freedom to purchase anything as long as it is not for personal use. Therefore you can sell your rental house and buy a suite of offices.

The exchange has to be completed in one business dealing

In the beginning, you had to swap your property with another investor. However, this is not necessary anymore thanks to a well-known ruling to the taxpayer. You can sell your abandoned property and purchase a replacement one within 180 days following the sale. Other trades, such as the reverse exchange, offer a high degree of flexibility, although they are not structured in the same way.

The secret to attracting new clients to your hair salon

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People are not aware of the fact that being a hairstylist is not exactly easy. Running a business is not limited to simply cutting hair. You may have good skills and a great location, but you also need clients for your business to thrive. However, attracting new customers is almost impossible. People are not tempted about the idea of working with a new stylist and the consequences can be devastating at least for your business. So what is there to do? If you want to attract clients to your salon, you have to start promoting your business. Add a personal touch to your marketing efforts, such as the MyCutsApp. Equally important is following these steps.

Introduce yourself to people

You will not be generating a constant flow of clients if you do not act immediately. The best thing you can do when you do not have clients sitting in your chair is to start networking, namely to create business opportunities. In the beginning, this may seem a little bit intimidating, but it is worth the effort. A great idea would be to open a social media account. Online platforms like Facebook and Twitter will help you get in touch with customers and determine them to come to you. However, you are free to use the social channel that you feel the most comfortable with.

Encourage word of mouth referrals

Even if you have a pool of existing clients, the last thing in their mind is to talk about you to their friends. This is the reason why you should give them a little motivation. More precisely, consider rewarding clients for every referral that they make. People love receiving prizes and they will be more than willing to put in a good word for you. If clients are not interested in incentives, deliver a better service. With the help of a salon application, you can save their preferences and styles. Clients will be so pleased that you will automatically start spreading the word.

Associate yourself with other businesses    

An easy way to introduce yourself to new customers is to find yourself local allies. Local businesses can actually provide you with the clients you need. It is important to partner only with businesses that have the same target audience as you do. Take into consideration fitness centers or boutiques. These places can hand out your cards and flyers and in exchange, you can offer to place their business cards for the service. Pay attention to the fact that your promotional materials should include a call-to-action statement and maybe a bonus.

Try email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are incredibly useful, yet many salons do not take advantage of the benefits that they offer. Even though times have changed considerably, people have not yet lost their fondness for emails. They use social media platforms to communicate in their spare time, but they are more likely to check their emails a thousand times per day for business purposes. Basically, with an email campaign you have guarantee that your message will reach the addressee. A hair salon app makes your task even simpler by providing you the necessary means.

Double entry accounting system – a financial service for enhanced security

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Over the years, the financial industry has come a long way. Ages ago, people could barely manage basic trading, but nowadays, with the evolution of technology, everything is possible. There are many accounting services you can ask from a dedicated company, including double entry accounting. As the name goes, double entry bookkeeping system means that a financial transaction involves more than one account (minimum two). As part of accounting basics information, it should be known that this is applicable to both individuals legal entities.

What exactly is double entry accounting?

The system is strictly related to the financial industry and means that if you choose this type of account, every entry needs to have an opposite corresponding entry, on a second account. For example, an earnings sum would require the owner to use two different entries, one called “cash” and the other one called “revenue”. After that, you have to decide which of these will be credited and which will be debited, applying the golden rules of accounting. Fortunately, there is a simple formula to help you make the choice: Equity = Assets – Liabilities. This equation can also be used as an instrument for detecting errors, because if the sum of debits does not equal its corresponding credits, then your financial advisor should know something is wrong. Of course, it is important for you to know that the use of double entry bookkeeping system does not mean no error is ever possible. The formula may deliver the right result, but it may occur that the accounts have been switched and the wrong one has been credited or debited. For this reason, you always have to collaborate with an expert to keep an eye on your investments, especially when dealing with large amounts of money.

The history of double entry bookkeeping

The history of double entry accounting system dates back decades and it is somehow uncertain. While some people claim the financial concept was first introduced by Luca Pacioli, an Italian a Franciscan monk living in Milan, others deny this. The alternative is that it has been invented by someone else: a Croatian merchant Benedetto Cotrugli. Taking into consideration that the origins of this term are still not clear, we may conclude that it has been perfected over time by many skilled financial experts.

As you can see, in double entry bookkeeping, there should be at least two accounting entries, in order for transactions to be as safe and accurate as possible. Whether you are thinking about assets, liability, expenses, revenues or equity, the system works perfectly as long as it is managed by an expert. They are going to handle debits and credits without any error, so that the balance of all accounts are equal. Normally, the two accounts have the same identifying data, and this is extremely useful: if an error occurs, each of them can be traced back to their initial form, to discover where the fault is.