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Key rules to read before making a dst 1031 exchange

Key rules to read before making a dst 1031 exchange

A like-kind exchange or a 1031 exchange is a swap of one investment asset or business for another. If you do it according to the rules, you will not have to pay any tax for it. You can change the form of your business and you will not have to pay the tax or cash out. This action allows you to continue the growth of your tax-deferral. Also, what is amazing about the dst 1031 exchange is that you do not have a number of times you can do it, you can do it limitless. You have the opportunity to roll over the gain from one business to another real estate investment, and so on. And you can have profit on each one of the swaps on long term, because you are able to avoid paying taxes. You have to be careful and do this right, because the process does not have to be interpreted as selling the business’ location.


You can use the exchange for an investment not for personal spaces

This exchange was designed to serve the persons who want to change the location of their business, not of their personal properties.  You cannot swap your house or other primary residences for another place, by using this method. In case you want to do it, then you should talk with a professional, because there are some exceptions of this rule.

You have free of choice when it comes to finding another property

The method requires investors to change their space with a similar one, but this is a broad term, and you have the possibility to find the space you want. For example, you can exchange a raw land for an apartment, or a strip of mall with a ranch. The option that suits you better is the one you should choose. This rule can be considered highly liberal.

You can delay the exchange

In theory, the exchange has to be made between two investors, but it is quite difficult to find another person who is looking for a space exactly as yours. Or you might not like the offers you receive. Because this is a common situation, you have the possibility to delay the exchange and ask the help of a third party. They will hold the money from the sale of your property, and will act as an intermediary.

You have to close the deal in six months

Once you have found the property you want, and you designate it as your exchange space, you have to make sure you close the deal in 180 days. You should start counting the days, from the moment when you sale your property. You have to name a replacement property in 45 days, but you should not have the misconception that these days are extra alongside with the 180 one. They run concurrently. This means, that from the 45 days of naming the property, you only have 135 days left. Make sure to respect the term if you want to have the replacement done properly.

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Tips for marketing beauty products

Tips for marketing beauty products

The bath and beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries, with thousands of products being released every year. From lipsticks and shampoos to face serums and spa treatments, the market is assaulted by so many products that clients sometimes find it hard to keep track of them. Not all new releases become success stories. Whether this happens or not depends on the quality of the products and the way they are promoted. If you create a beauty product and want it to get the exposure it deserves, you should have a few marketing tips up your sleeves. It’s advisable to work with a company that specializes in beauty PR, but if you cannot afford it you can also try doing it yourself.


Focus on one unique feature


You’ve put a lot of work into developing your revolutionary product and you want the whole world to know just how amazing it is? Perhaps you should refrain from marketing dozens of features at once, because the client will be confused. Don’t advertise qualities that hundreds of competitors already have, because you will get lost in the crowd. Instead, choose one outstanding train (color, smell, formula, texture, price etc) and make the star of your campaign. This will help your product fall in a specific niche and make it easier to identify by clients.


Beauty PR in social media


No matter what your brand ethos is, you should not neglect the power of social media. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the simplest and most effective way to introduce your product to customers for free. News travels fast on the Web and a week of intense social media campaigns can be worth more than an entire month’s advertising with traditional methods.


Build connections, maintain loyalty


Public relations, as the name would suggest, are not the kind of field where you can make it on your own. The more connected you are, the better. Start collaborations with professional agencies and other companies and be willing to offer your product for free. Hand out samples or send free items to bloggers for reviewing purposes. If they like it, they will tell others about it, making your gift worth it. You should keep a database of people and organizations with authority and check it whenever you need publicity. Your collaborations should not stop as soon as you reach your goals. Build long lasting relationships, because they can help you hen you need to rebrand the same product or launch a new one.


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