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Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 in Marketing | 0 comments

Five start-up business ideas that modern customers love

Five start-up business ideas that modern customers love

The success of a business is largely dependent on the way the business is ran, on the strategic decisions the management makes. However, its reception on the market is influenced by a series of factors. Profit and popularity can be achieved in many unfavorable circumstances, but a good head start is also tremendously important and can put a considerable distance between you and other local companies. With that in mind, before setting sail, young entrepreneurs should check how receptive the local market is to their idea and use the found data to estimate their success. At present, the following ideas are growing popular, especially among younger customers.


Second hand boutique

People are becoming more and more open minded towards second hand clothes. Turning from a rare quirk to a fashion trend, previously owned clothes seem to please everyone: fashion-forward people who want to make unique combinations, as well as clients who want to look good on a budget. Providers such as  report an increase in orders of second hand clothing, especially premium quality ones. These are items that look as good as new, have no flaws, and come from older collections of designer labels.


Small café

If the past decade was ruled by café and restaurant franchises, the 2010s belong to small, local, family owned cafés. Although they cannot compare in terms of profit with the earnings of international chains, small cafes are becoming serious contenders for Starbucks & Co. This is because clients want better service, a cozier atmosphere, specialty drinks and locally sourced products. More often than not, small café owners start by selling only fresh drinks and coffee and then expand their product selection by adding pastry and other baked goods.

Digital agency

One thing that all businesses have in common is the need for professional digital services, which range from web design and web development to digital advertising, social media marketing and SEO. All of these services can be found in the portfolio of a digital agency, which is one of the most profitable business models today. Entrepreneurs who start this type of company can find clients easily and make profit even when surrounded by competitors.


Handmade goods

Nothing compares with the beauty of a handmade gift – be it a necklace, wall print, flower vase or item of furniture. The buying trends of the past few years show that people are more and more reluctant towards mass-produced items and more willing to invest in personal, hand carved, one of a kind products, despite the higher price tag. To reduce the start-up cost of a handmade business, you can sell your goods online, on platforms such as Etsy, instead of opening a physical store.


Organic beauty

Following recent studies that show the harmful health effects of popular cosmetics, customers are looking for organic ingredients in their beauty products. Natural extracts such as argan oil, coconut oil, chamomile and rosehip are gaining ground over silicones and preservatives, soothing skin conditions without causing allergies or irritating sensitive skin. Modern customers are very interested in organic beauty, so a start-up of this type has positive prospects.