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Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 in Real Estate | 0 comments

Luxury vs. budget cars – what should a real estate agent choose?

Luxury vs. budget cars – what should a real estate agent choose?


Determining the right vehicle for a real estate agent represents a process that requires taking into consideration decisive aspects. Real estate agents spend many hours on the road and sometimes they even have to ensure transportation for potential clients to multiple listings. The first impression matters significantly because clients will inevitably associate the appearance of the vehicle with the success of the owner. As a real estate agent who provides services for various people requiring many interactions and showings, you have to make sure that clients perceive you as a responsible and reliable individual who has the necessary knowledge and many years of experience in the field to give them the certainty that working with you was the best decision they could make.

Real estate agents have mixed opinions

However, professionals in the branch have mixed opinions when it comes to purchasing the ideal car. On one hand, they believe that luxury vehicles are too pretentious, fact that could alienate some customers because they cannot relate to that level of  On the other hand, budget cars can also prove to be tricky because they may impede real estate agents to satisfy the needs of their clients and lose the opportunity of closing a great deal. One of those needs implies driving clients to distant areas, which means that you might encounter road difficulties. Obviously, if the car stops or breaks down o the road, this represents a major inconvenient for the real estate agent. If you find yourself in a difficult position between these two options then you should seek guidance from specialists. For instance, Edmunds expert opinion on the Chevrolet Tahoe will definitely help you determine if this particular model suits your requirements and preferences.

How to make the right decision

Selecting the right car represents a challenge for any person, not just real estate agents. Nevertheless, taking into consideration your line of work, you must keep in mind additional factors before making a choice. Some realtors give more importance to their type of clients than to their own preferences or, in other words, they prefer to please their customer more than thinking about themselves. If you are one of those people, then put yourself in your client’s shoes. What will help you earn their trust more, a luxurious vehicle or a friendly-budget car? Can you attract potential clients by purchasing the latest automobile that exudes success or by choosing a decent car that saves you money and does not make you look egocentric? By answering these and other important questions, you will undoubtedly make the best decision.