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Posted by on Jun 23, 2017 in Business | 0 comments

Must-have qualities investors look for in co-founders

Must-have qualities investors look for in co-founders

You have a prospering business and you are willing to find a co-founder to share your work with? The main personality traits of a person express a lot about their future implication and devotion to their job. You need to carefully pick your co-founder in order to obtain the expected effect which is, of course, success next to profit. Having yourself misled by a well-structured speech or an eye-catching CV will end up troubling your business, so you need to thoroughly inform yourself about the background of your soon-to-be co-founder, not to mention the attentive study of their qualities. Here is a list of features you should look for when meeting your possible co-founder:

Alignment of future resolutions

The first thing you should look for into someone is the probability of your resolution and their resolution to overlap. You can’t choose a person who does not see the same picture you see in the future. An alignment of desires would be ideal, in order to strive for the same things in the path of your journey. Your co-founder should be a reflexion of yourself, so make sure you take your time to analyse everything regarding them.

Being passionate about it

One of the most obvious signs of devotement is your co-founder candidate’s passion for the domain he or she activates in. The person you are looking for is driven by their desire to achieve more and more every other day. You don’t need someone who considers his job a burden, but someone who appreciates every detail about their work. Look for permanent excitement and commitment.  Take the example of Kent Clothier, a successful best-selling author who exposes his passion and takes benefit out of it.

Vast skill spectre

Besides the fact you should look for open-minded and flexible people, there are some qualities and traits you need to chase for. A great leader who knows how to deal with difficult situation is the candidate you are willing to have next to you. Don’t select people with a restricted field of work, but with multilateral skills.

Building a friendship

The main goal would be to build a friendship with your co-founder, because after all this is the person that supports you permanently and helps you out with your business. You should try motivating each other – this is not a one-sided relationship – on the contrary, it is something that builds up in time, based on trustworthiness and sincerity. Look for someone who you can picture as your friend.


If there are any communication issues between you and your candidate, you should say pass from the beginning, because not being able to clearly state what your intentions are will represent a major obstacle in the path of progress. Building a strong foundation of a business means understanding what each of you ultimately want. New challenges and opportunities will appear in your journey and without advice or an exchange of personal ideas you will never get to a compromise. Stays focused on the act of transferring mere information and decide whether it is appropriate or not.