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Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Marketing | 0 comments

Why promotional marketing is still profitable

Why promotional marketing is still profitable

The ample development of the Internet has led people to believe that everything that’s online is modern and profitable and that everything that’s offline has become outdated and ineffective and, interestingly enough, this belief also applies in the marketing field. While it may be true that online promotion has its share of benefits, traditional promotions are still highly effective and many people still prefer them to other marketing solutions. The idea that traditional marketing has lost its efficiency seems to stem from the fact that more and more people now use their computers to discover new products. However, the online environment has its limits and does not engage clients in the same way as brand ambassadors. There are many managers who imagine that redirecting all their efforts and funds towards online marketing is the way to go, but this is not the universally valid solution. Working with a promotional staffing agency is still highly profitable and, as you will read in the lines below, there are many cases where old school marketing does the job better than the Internet.

The human element is the number one benefit of promotional events. By interacting with brand ambassadors, clients are more likely to trust you company and try your products. The staff chosen for promotions will fit the description you provide, so you can rest assured that they will represent your corporate values properly. In addition, there are numerous instances where online marketing simply doesn’t work. For example, if you provide goods for a sector of the population that doesn’t normally use the Internet, then investing all your marketing budget into online ads is not the wisest choice. Also, there are some targeted groups that don’t really trust computers and are more conservative. The younger population might be more prone to buying products they’ve seen in viral videos, but others might not be convinced until they can see, touch or taste the product in a certain environment. For example, people who don’t normally use computers can choose to block ads or just don’t trust anything that has to do with technology. From many points of view, online marketing can be quite tricky, especially in terms of creating content. After all, an ad is an ad, whether on TV or on a computer and you will have to make extra efforts to make sure that it comes with something new and original. Promotional events, though, are quite straightforward and, if you work with a professional agency, you can’t really go wrong. In addition, if an ad isn’t persuasive enough, the client will just ignore it. Skilled promotional staff, however, can adapt from client to client and make him purchase what you have to offer.

A common misconception is that promotional marketing hasn’t changed and that strategies haven’t evolved at all. Things have changed, in fact, and you can promote your products creatively. All it takes is the right promotional staffing agency and an innovative idea. Last, but not least, the biggest benefit of all is that the cost of starting a promotional marketing campaign can be very low and you can save considerable amounts while getting excellent results.